Zantrex-3 Information and Reviews

Zantrex-3 is an all new weight loss pill out in the market and said to help you suppress the urge to eat more. In addition it also helps you boost your energy due to the presence of xanthine a kind of stimulant.


Zantrex-3 principal ingredients includes yerba mate a herb that supplies vitamins and minerals in the body, guarana, a herb that helps stimulate fat and caffeine which is also a mental booster and a fat burner. Other ingredients includes the sinensis complex, Tibetan ginseng, damiana, green tea, piper nigum, panax ginseng, cocoa nut, kola and maca root.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Most of the known side effect of Zantrex- 3 includes sleep irregularities, joints pain, nervousness, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations and more.

Zantrex-3 reviews & customer feedback

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