Reductil Information and Reviews

For over thousands of diet pills in the market today it's difficult for consumer to find the most suitable pill that can work well with their body. Reductil, which is a brand name for sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate which is prescribed for the treatment of obesity, is one of them; a pill that claims it can suppress one's appetite and can help in the absorption of fat in the body allowing to pass freely via bowel movements.


Whilst blocking fat from being absorbed, Reductil helps activate a certain chemical called serotonin which is responsible for making the stomach feel full. Apart from these, taking Reductil will also help increase your metabolism, which means burning more calories, thus lowering your cholesterol levels.

Pros/Cons/Side Effects

Reductil is taken in 10mg doses once a day, though sometimes those who do not tolerate it well may take only 5g, and those who are resistant to weight loss may take 15g. Moreover, the pill should not be taken by people who are sensitive or allergenic to monoamine oxidase and those who have serious eating disorder.Reductil reviews & customer feedback

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