Metabolife Information and Reviews

According to diet reviews, Metabolife is a weight loss product that claims to control dieter's appetite appetite, burn fat and indeed help you lose a significant amount of weight. The pill is manufactured by the Metabolife International, Inc., an American firm based in San Diego, California which manufactures dietary supplements.


Metabolife contains calcium, chromium, potassium and sodium and a blend of green tea extract, an anti-oxidant and sugar moderator with a kick of thermogenic effect to the body. Green tea also helps increase the dieter's metabolic rate less than a hundred calorie per day. Garcinia cambogia is another primary ingredient which is responsible in blocking bad carbohydrates. Last but not the least is the yerba mate extract and guarana which are both effective as a fat burner due to the high caffeine content.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Among the known side effects of Metabolife includes insomnia, high blood pressure, tensions, rapid palpitation of the heart, heart attack, stroke and seizure.

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