Managing your Weight

Are you aiming to fit into a small dress size from extra large size but still avoid the treadmill and you simply can't cut down your addiction on fries and burgers? Indeed, fighting the fat is not easy, you have to use a couple of slimming drugs to assist you remove extra pounds and get the shape you have been dreaming for some time now.

Of course, before making the decision to pop a pill, you need to think about the drug that you want to take a few times over, its side effects. Ask for some advice from your doctor, do some intensive research yourself and then plan your eating habits to aid you go through the process. Of course, this means going to the gym for a months and also eating less burgers and fries. Do not even pop a pill if you are the type who simply wants to stay on a couch whole day long, surely you won't be able to obtain your dream body.

Diet pills are among the most accepted methods to lose weight today. Promises ranges from weight drop within weeks, preventing your hunger for hours and also an increased metabolism among others. Of course these slimming drugs or dietary medications are created and distributed by large drug companies. Examples of the weight loss meds found in the market today include Zantrex-3, Estrin-D, Xenical, Alli, Orlistat. Before spending your hard earned cash for around 30 pills, you have to consult with a reputable nutritionist to see if these pills are safe.

There exists two types of diet meds; the first of course the Prescription drugs and the second is Over the Counter (OTC) pills. Prescription Diet Pills are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), their side effects are noted and they may be prescribed, advertised as a weight loss product within certain dosages and conditions. Among the prescription diet drugs sold today in the open market include Adipex, Xenical, Phentermine and Bontril.

OTC or Over the Counter Diet drugs are probably the fastest rising sector of the weight loss industry. These medications however are categorized as food supplements rather than diet medications and are usually unmonitored. There is also the alleged herbal diet drugs extracted from natural products.

Apart from the positive effects of a diet drugs, there are also negative effects that a user might encounter on the beginning of taking the pill which could include nervousness, diarrhea, tremor, elevated blood pressure, bulging eyes, racing heartbeat and even heart failure. There are also several side effects of diet pills that work on the gut such as diarrhea, oily stools and unexpected fecal discharge among others.