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Hycroxycut is a brand of fat reducing supplement that is gaining a high hits in the diet medication field due to the fact that there is no illegal substances that is mix in it. Among the ingredients found in Hydroxycut includes white willow extract, green tea extract, sesame oil, onolong tea, somnifera roots, gymnema sylvestre, soy phospholipids and hydroxyl tea.

Pros/Cons/Side Effects

For the record, the pill claims that it can decrease one's body fat more than seven percent. Other than aiding you fighting the bulge, Hydroxycut is also beneficial in fighting many health ailments; the green tea extract is good for metabolism and can also help you in burning fat while the hydroxyl tea can help you control your cravings because it is a hunger suppressant.

On the onset of taking the pill, you can experience an increase in your metabolic rate and you can burn off the extra fat.

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