Hydroxycut Hardcore Information and Reviews

As seen on TV and magazine, Hydroxycut Hardcore according to reviews is one of the major fat loss supplements contained ephedra - a very potent fat burner.


Among the primary ingredients of Hydroxycut Hardcore is Proxyclene mainly responsible for the weight loss which is made up of green tea, and caffeine. Hydroxagen is also present which stops extra carbs to convert into body fat. Other basic ingredients of Hydroxycut Hardcore include white willow extract, black pepper extract, and Methyl 17 alpha-hydroxy yohimban-16 alpha-carboxylate hydrochloride and guarana extract.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Those who have high blood pressure or suffering from high anxiety disorder need not take this dietary supplement for it can lead to serious side effects such as nausea, tremors and agitation.

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