Hot-Rox Extreme Information and Reviews

Hot-Rox Extreme diet reviews states that it has the ability to melt off the body fat and has a "feel good" factor. Moreover, the pill is back up by clinical research. The pill is also said to contain a thermogenic formula which consists mainly of substances that increase lipase activity.


Hot-Rox Extreme's ingredients include A7-E which helps you melt the extra pounds, Carbolin 19 that also aids in weight loss, Piperine that is responsible in nutrient absorption, Yohimbine HCL that increases fatty acid mobilization, caffeine which is an anti-oxidant proven also to aid in weight maintenance and loss and raspberry another antidote for weight loss.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Hot-Rox Extreme reviews reveal some side effects which include jitters, headaches, rash, insomnia, severe nausea and dizziness. In addition, pregnant woman and lactating mothers should not take the pill along with elderly and chronically ill patients.

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