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Hoodia Gordonii diet reviews claims that this "magic bullet" can really aid dieters to lose weight. The slimming pill has been feature in several website and shows such as Oprah and the like. Hoodia was well-known for it appetite suppressing effect and hence was collaborated with Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company to deal with obesity.


Hoodia Gordonii extract is the main ingredients of Hoodia 850, a leafless plant that is native in South Africa and Namibia and known to have flowers that smells like a rotten meat. (Think of rafflesia flower). For years, hoodia gordonii has been in use for an indeterminable amount of time as an appetite suppressant.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

The positive effects of Hoodia850 on trials were registered as capable to reduce food intake by some fifty per cent on a daily basis. However, it was stopped as it is stated to have indications of effects on liver.

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