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According to reviews, HemaNovol is a product that is designed specifically for people who are lifting weight (e.g. body builders) or those who are looking for an extra boost.


Among the active ingredients found in a HemaNovol capsule includes Argi-N.O. Nine Hyper-Critical N.O. Substrate a substance that drives massive amount of blood into contractile muscle tissue. Another is the Bioextract N.O.; Phyto-Extract Compounds which aids in the foundation of endogenous nitric oxide release. Gamma-NOS: RNS Protective eNOS on the other hand helps increase the blood flow to muscle tissue and lastly the Vasotrinol: Hyper-Oxygenation Complex, a kind of folate that is also a vital micronutrient and a cofactor for the production of NOS.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

With the high blend of high-dose ingredients, HemaNovol will make you feel you're that you got high volume of hemodilated blood that rushing in your nutrient-hungry muscles through every intense workout.

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