GNC X-12 Information and Reviews

Manufactured by the GNC, GNC X-12 is a fat burner that lay it claims that it can burn 12 times more calories compared to your regular workout routine. Additionally, the pill is designed as a metabolism booster with thermogenic blend that helps you burn calories more effectively.


GNC X-12 essential ingredients includes Niacin (B3), Proprietary Thermogenic Blend 2, caffeine anhydrous, capsimax, capsicum fruit extract, bioperine and black pepper extract. All of these have been proven to contribute to weight loss.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

According to GNC reviews, due to the high amounts of stimulants, (e.g. caffeine) packed into the pill, among the common side effects that users should expect includes jittery, insomnia, restlessness, dependence o n the pill and irritability.

GNC X-12 reviews & customer feedback

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