Glucolean Information and Reviews

Made by Biochem Company, Glucolean is a product based on the premise that weight loss and weight gain are related to the issue of blood sugar levels. The pill is scientifically designed to support optimal fat loss, thyroid and metablilic support not to mention glucose regulations


Glucolean contain ingredients mostly found in many diet pill today which include Alpha lipoic acid, a fat soluble anti-oxidant, chromium polynicotinate which helps speeds up metabolism, E and Z Guggulestornes, which helps stabilize hormones, bitter melon which help to keep blood sugar levels in balance and Coleus Forskohlii extract, the one responsible in burning body fat.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Those who have a history of diabetes or low blood sugar level should not take the pill for this can be hazardous to their health. In addition those who have thyroid problems should be very extra cautious if they wish to take Glucolean.

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