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Made by the Techmedica Health Inc. Glucofast is a diet pill that is approved by doctors for containing all-natural ingredients that are important in making it safe and effective for human use. Just imagine yourself not going to the gym, shedding off extra pounds and keeping it off.


Glucofast foremost ingredients include the L-carnitine, the one responsible for the transport of fatty acids from the cells to burn it as energy. Another is the ALA or Alpha Lipoic Adic which is an anti-oxidant and helps detoxify the liver. Vanadyl sulfate on the other hand helps increase one's metabolic rate while Chromium chelate is the one used as an appetite suppressant

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Since Glucofast contains no harmful chemically generated substance or stimulants, it has zero negative side effects. Instead it helps you maintain healthy insulin and cells.

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