FucoThin Information and Reviews

Commonly misspelled as Fukothin, Fucothin is a slimming diet pill that is part of the Garden of Life roster of dietary supplement and a company with philosophy of consuming foods that are "biblical" in nature. Fuchothin is an acronym for the carotenoid found in brown and olive green seaweeds.


Fucothin has an all-natural blend of ingredients that includes brown seaweed, pomegranate seed oil, gelatin and purified water. The Fucothin is responsible for the fat burning mechanism while the punicic or conjugated linolenic acid derived from pomegranate seed oil aids in the general weight loss.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

FucoThin review states that the pills have no side effects. However to those who have allergies, they need not take the pill but it can give them rashes not to mention itchy sensation, swelling on the lips and tongue even tightness in the chess and problem in breathing.

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