Fentraphen Information and Reviews

Fentraphen reviews reveal that this natural weight loss supplement is one of the pioneer batch of slimming pill with combine Phenyl ethylamine or PEA and Synephrine HCL. In addition the pill does not require a prescription like and it can be bought over the counter.


Synerphrine is one of the essential ingredients of Fentraphen which is found in the juice of Bitter orange or Citrus aurantium. Another is the "Love Drug" or the Phenthylamin which is said to have calming effects. Chromium picolinate is also present which is responsible in the fat loss along with Vitamin B-12 which aid for the overall health.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Fentraphen can cause dehydration to some sensitive users which sometimes lead to muscle cramping and fatigue. Other side effects include nausea, sleep complications and cardiovascular health issues.

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