Fenphedra Information and Reviews

Fenphedra is among the diet pill out it the market that is effective as tiring yourself on a grueling workout at the gym. Furthermore, the pill works effectively to regulate the brain chemistry of hunger of activating the CART or the so called Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript and also inhibit the Neuropeptide Y of the user's brain.


Fenphedra contains di-caffeine malate which helps replenish energy, chocamine which is a great mood elevator and Phenylethylamine which helps improve mood and plays an important role in the feed-reward mechanism of the dietary behavior. There is also the Humulus lupus a plant that produces a mild stimulant effect that calm the sensation and last but not the least the synephrine, an alternative to ephedra.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

The caffeine might give slight jitters and palpitation, but otherwise no negative side effects.

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