Femme Slender Slinky Information and Reviews

Femme Slender Slinky is a well balance fat burner designed for women but is generally used by people who want to loss the excess pounds. Femme is unique in so much as the compound is a fat burner with fat blocker in one tablet. The company behind this product if focus predominantly on supplying diet products solely to the female dieter.


The prime ingredients of Femme Slender Slinky includes methionine, choline bitartate, inositol, betaine, L-carnintine, chromium, piccolinate and of course chitosan which is derived from crustaceans. It is essentially a multi diet pill offer fat blocking, fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Reviews reveal that there have been no grave reported side effects of Femme Slender Slinky.

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