Dieters Cheating Caps Information and Reviews

Dieters Cheating Caps reviews reveal that the pill contains 3 potent non-stimulant ingredients that aids not only in weight loss but also capable of blocking carbohydrates and helps curb the appetite.


Chictosan is one of the chief ingredients of Dieters Cheating Caps which is a fiber supplement from the shells of crustaceans having the potential to bind fat and remove it from the body. Chictosan also have a positive effect on raising good cholesterol levels, while lowering the undesirable bad cholesterol levels. Another is the white kidney bean extract which also acts as a carb blocker and of course the glucomannan, a fiber supplement that fill you up without adding extra calories.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Aside from losing weight, which is the positive effect of taking Dieters Cheating Caps, the carb and fat blocking content of the pill would make you faint and sometimes sleepy.

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