Dex-L10 Information and Reviews

Dex-L10 which is also known as Hoodoba is a new brand of slimming pill. According to reviews, Dex-L10 is a natural appetite suppressant and can boost your metabolism. The pill chews come in two flavor lemon-lime and chocolate which only contain about 20 calories each.


One of the chief ingredients of Dex-L10 is the hoodia gordonii which helps suppresses appetite. Bitter orange and green tea extract is also included. Dex-L10 Hoodia Gordonii Natural Appetite Suppressant is free of those additives.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Reviews of the product claim that it has no severe side effects other than slight headaches, nausea and insomnia. The good thing about the pill is that it doesn't require prescription so you can easily buy a dozen over the counter.

Dex-L10 reviews & customer feedback

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