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Bioslim is a weight loss pill introduced in the market for over 15 years ago which involves kits that are tailored depending on the needs of a patient.


The adult kit which is called the Bioslim 2000 Ultra Complete contains a six-week supply of formulas or supplements containing green tea extract and creatine which include the Ultra Slim Tone Formula, the Bioslim Accelerator, Ultra Vita/Min Plus. There are also guidebooks included for dieters to follow strictly. The children's kit on the other hand called Bioslim Youth System Complete also contains almost the same supplement with vitamin C and few herbs that promote a healthy immune system and may also help in the removal of fat.

Side Effects/Pros/Cons

Other essential ingredients found in Bioslim includes Chromium Polynicotinate which aid in burning the fat and sugar and the Siberian Ginseng which normalized the levels of sugar in the blood and the program dictates however that patients should take only their vitamins and that exercise and low fat diet is encouraged.

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