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During its first released in the market, Alli became the first non-prescription slimming pill to be granted with an approval from the FDA, the authority in ensuring that products are fit for human consumption.


A 60 mg Alli is an innovative weight loss pill that works with you; but you have to do your part by changing not the way hit the gym to exercise but by changing the way you eat. Being a fat blocker, Alli can stop the absorption of over a quarter of your dietary fat thus enabling its fat binding and fat blocking qualities which is an effective method to loss a significant amount of weight.

Pros/Cons/Side Effects

Alli is said to eliminate about 100 calories a day from the food you eat. That is to say, Alli will block around a pound off you every 5 or so weeks which is approximately about 3500 kilo calories in a pound of fat.

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